House Husbands–Season 1, Episode 2

Episode 1 as all first episodes are supposed to do established the characters. Episode 2 did its job of going deeper.

Again the episode revolves around one common thread, the first episode revolved around the first day of school, this episode revolved a parents’ show and tell.

There are several revelations throughout the episode with almost all of the characters–Gemma is not Lewis’ wife as she didn’t want to be a wife in a third failed marriage (for Lewis), Lewis has another daughter who lives overseas and Nicola provides an insight into her & Justin’s marriage, which also provides an insight of why she treats him with animosity. Also Abi’s inability to remember what Mark’s job is whereas Mark remembers her whole career progression off the top of his head, is the first glimpse of Abi’s selfishness, as well as a glimpse into the dynamic of their marriage.

This episode was also an episode of motifs and metaphors. Angie’s stuffed bunny falling out of the pram whilst Justin was jogging, foreshadowed the eventual loss of the toy on the tram, and Justin facing the reality of the custody situation. The best way to sum it up is a quote from Justin himself “It’s not about the bunny, it’s about my kids…they reckon I can’t look after my own kids…If I don’t get this bunny back, it’s proof they’re right.” Another metaphor, fittingly after the recovery of the bunny, is Justin returning the bunny to Nicola and suggesting that they hold on to their house they are trying to sell “in case the market improves.”

Overall this episode was a good continuation of the first.

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