House Husbands–Season 1, Episode 3

This episode had so many plots it was hard to keep up–Abi & Kane’s dad visiting and his intentions behind the visit, Gemma being offered a new job and deciding to propose to Lewis, as well as Lewis deciding to propose to Gemma as soon as he finds out about her proposal.

Once again, the episode started revolving around a common thread, this time Morning Music Mayhem at the school, however unlike the previous episodes, the common thread was only brief and the whole episode didn’t revolve around it.

Abi and Kane’s father visiting provided background on both the dynamic between Kane and his father, as well as the sibling rivalry between Abi and Kane. The possibility of their father visiting because he might be dying was an obvious guess, too obvious for it to be the reason, and that was the case with the revelation that he is broke. However that turned out not to be the reason either, rather him trying to help Kane buy a house (and his unusual way of trying to build up a deposit for him).

Gemma deciding to propose to Lewis was a unique plot choice, but then again it is a unique show, however it was disappointing that her proposal wasn’t shown. Lewis’ proposal was a combination of immature, romantic and humorous, which ultimately worked, however going non-traditional would have been nice to see.

Overall the episode was good, but I think they overdid it with the excessive number of plots, to make up for the fact that they spent the first two episodes establishing themselves.

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