House Husbands–Season 1, Episode 4

Once again, another episode starting in media res with a school event being the common thread throughout. I know it’s only the fourth episode in total and only the second episode with the in media res technique being used, but it’s already getting old.

We kick off with Abi coming to see Mark at the police station. Mark has been arrested, which is already making the episode interesting, as it has been established that Mark is a bit of a doormat. We then go back to the day before.

Abi is feeling overwhelmed with work and not being there for Poppy on her birthday and it doesn’t help that she is being made constantly aware of this by: her patient, another mother at the school, Georgia, and even by Mark. Despite the fact that House Husbands is all about the role reversal with stay-at-home dads, it was nice to have the contrast with what mothers have been facing throughout history, in regards to working and having children.

The minor subplot of Stella feeding a stray cat and subsequently acting like a cat in class, was a little too obvious and small, I didn’t really understand the need to include it.

I felt that the back-to-school themed trivia night was well suited for this episode, considering almost all of the adult characters acted like school children. I personally enjoyed the costumes worn by Justin and Lucy. Justin finally asking Lucy out on a date is bound to cause complications and therefore interesting plots down the road.

The twist of Georgia and Pete Rivers being swingers was interesting and humorous, I guess you can’t judge a parent by its over-the-top covers.

Overall the episode was solid but a bit of a hit-and-miss.

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