House Husbands–Season 1, Episode 5

Once again, another school event tying everyone together—the school’s soccer grand final.

This episode took a different approach and decided to be serious and sombre.

The episode started with Lucy and Justin trying to spend time together, ending abruptly with the possibility of Angie swallowing a key ring charm. Rodney grabbing the key ring charm and later showing it to Nicola, trying to convince her to use it as part of the custody case, was the first long-awaited time that Rodney shows his manipulative side to her. Although it was good to see Nicola finally get a first glimpse of who Rodney really is, it wasn’t truly satisfying as it didn’t take us anywhere. On the other side of the spectrum, it was nice to finally have Justin & Lewis address the obvious elephant in the room–Lewis doesn’t want Justin and Lucy dating.

The A story of the discovery of Stella’s tumour in her spine was a ballsy choice—major drama in the fifth episode, of the first season of a show and a child is at the heart of it. With Stella’s diagnosis we are given the backstory of Stella & Tom and what has happened to her mother. Considering the choice to portray Kane as a bit of a drama king, it was refreshing to see him show strength in what would be every parents’ worst nightmare. Of course there was going to be a happy ending, no show, no matter what dramatic risks they choose to take, would make a child character paralysed.

The soccer grand final was a dose of much-needed humour and heart at the end of the sombre episode. The competitiveness of the main men juxtaposed with the reality of the five year olds’ abilities was very entertaining.

Overall a solid episode.


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