House Husbands–Season 1, Episode 6

This episode introduced a new and interesting character, Phoebe.

Lewis and Gemma’s wedding is only days away, Abi wants to plan a hens night, so naturally drama needs to come along and possibly mess it all up.

Phoebe shocks Lewis by not only showing up out of the blue, but by revealing that she’s also pregnant at sixteen. Phoebe is the most interesting female character to come along in the series so far. In comparison to Lucy who is grown up, adjusted & loves Gemma and Tilda who is young and innocent, Phoebe is almost a darker character, perhaps to show the more realistic results of a broken marriage and a blended family. Phoebe consistently lies about her circumstances slightly out of immaturity but also as Gemma puts it, because she’s terrified. It was a nice touch to have Lucy clarify the family circumstances of Lewis’ two previous marriages and which daughter belongs to which wife and partner, even if she was in bed with Justin at the time. Phoebe’s animosity towards Gemma played out well and showcased Georgia Flood’s and Julia Morris’ talents.

Phoebe’s pregnancy also shows Lewis’ strength as a man and a father. As a father, he takes Phoebe in, tries to intimidate who he thinks the father of the baby is (only to see that the father is a sweet boy and ends up providing him with advice) and he also takes Phoebe to her ultrasound. As a man, he is able to show his emotional side during the ultrasound, which is big for an old-school man like him. I thought it was very poignant to reveal the baby was a boy, especially since Lewis felt he would have been a better father if he had sons, this is clearly foreshadowing things to come for Lewis as a grandfather.

Gemma and Lewis’ wedding was very beautiful and it was nice to see the two of them ultimately as they really are as a couple–underneath the humour and occasional fights.

On another note, Rachel trying to get Mark to let her son down gently on his crappy marketing idea, was just the right amount of humour needed. It was also nice to see her humanity, as well as see her as a mother. It’ll be interesting to see where they take her after having her hit on Mark. I personally felt it was out of character but funny all the same.




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