House Husbands–Season 1, Episode 10

This episode served its purpose as a season finale–wrapping up the first season’s plots and subsequently opening the door for the second season.

I’m more than happy that the Rodney & Nicola relationship finally ended, not to mention that Nicola finally if not slowly saw Rodney for who he really is. The fact that it was now made obvious by Lucy how much Nicola cared for Justin opened the door to the re-birth of their relationship. I took issue with the convenience of Lucy stumbling across Justin’s location at the camp site on his laptop, as well as Nicola openly showing feelings for Justin, purely because it’s the season finale.

The fallout from Mark’s kiss I felt was overplayed and it was obvious that Abi was going to forgive Mark. Other than causing tension across three episodes, the kiss served no real purpose.

The delivery of Phoebe’s baby by the main men was a little cheesy, but humorous and heart-filled enough that I can forgive it. Phoebe’s choice of baby name was a subtle indication of the evolution of her relationship with Gemma, which I thought was perfect. It was the right way to show but not tell.

Having the season finale end on the last day of the school term was a nice full circle.

Overall this episode did its job and was well done. Overall, the season established the show and its characters very well. For ten episodes there was too much drama going on and the fact that all of the episodes followed two plot structures (in media res and real time) didn’t help. However this could be easily forgiven as the first season is all about the show finding itself.

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