House Husbands–Season 1, Episode 7

This episode is by far the one that I have liked the least all season.

The main reason for this was due to the unrealistic nature of the A story. As evil as Rodney is supposed to be, the scam of how he both starts and ruins players’ careers was far-fetched even for him. Justin’s confrontation was lacklustre as he didn’t do anything about it (how has he not heard of a recorder?) other than tell Nicola, considering that she doesn’t want to listen to him and she’s in denial, I don’t understand why he thought she would believe him. The A story was also unsatisfying as there was no expansion or even an ending to this plot, it just disappeared by the end of the episode.

The minor subplot of Kane wanting to become a foster parent seemed a little out of left field but does have potential.

The common thread of the school’s Harmony Day was a nice touch and the humour was just right.

Overall, a weak episode but not overly terrible.


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