House Husbands–Season 1, Episode 8

In contrast to the previous episode, this episode was one of the strongest.

Again it starts in media res with some sort of school get-together with the kiddies looking crustacean-ably (yes I know that’s not a word) adorable. The transition from Zac running around as a jellyfish near Mark, to Mark mistaking him for another jellyfish-dressed child, therefore revealing the serious situation he is in and the shitty day he is about to have, was done subtly but brilliantly.

The main highlight of the episode was the humanity shown in Rodney and Nicola. Portrayed as villainous, it was refreshing to see them work with Justin rather than against him, although it would only happen in a scary situation like that. This story seemed to be written as a PSA to parents but was still done brilliantly and realistically. Considering the premise of the show, a plot like this was bound to be done eventually.

Another highlight of the episode was seeing Mark finally call out Abi’s selfishness. Although it was overdue it was also unsatisfying, as he eventually stuffed up the ground he stood on, by kissing Poppy’s teacher. The kiss felt forced to me, other than throwing some compliments each other’s way, there was no real build up for it.

Overall the episode was one of the strongest, however it would have been even stronger if more work was put into the ending.


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