House Husbands–Season 2, Episode 1

The premiere of the second season could not contrast further from the premiere of the first.

This is a compliment rather than an insult, the first season premiere was filled with over-the-top drama and negativity in regards to Justin and Nicola. This premiere has turned the characters and the House Husbands world in general completely on its head and I loved it.

Rather than revolving around a school event, the premiere revolved around Tilda’s birthday. I found the whole family forgetting her birthday to be a stretch—-no matter how exhausted parents are, I find it extremely hard to believe they would forget their child’s birthday. I appreciated the subtlety of the season starting on the first day of a new school term, as well as the continuity from the end of the first season being maintained. I also loved the contrast between the political correctness of distributing makeshift birthday party invitations at school and the guys’ reaction to a new male teacher.

It was nice to see Justin and Nicola together, especially Nicola. The fact that she is happier and relaxed with Justin clearly shows the toxic relationship she was in with Rodney. Even though the first season finale set up Justin and Nicola getting back together, I felt that the second season premiere jumped to it too quickly. A flashback or Justin talking about the progression of their relationship with the guys, would have been good to fill the gaps. I felt Nicola hitting the bank manager across the face with her handbag was over-the-top and out of character.

I didn’t like Gemma’s mother as a character, she just annoyed me. She is clearly only around for a small subplot.

Abi and Mark deciding that they didn’t want to have anymore children only to not-surprisingly discover that they do was a nice subplot. I was also glad to see that they had moved on from the Miss Nadir kiss, however it also further illustrates my point that the story arc was not necessary at all.

I think every parent has a Dimity (Madeleine West) in their lives, clearly she will show up and ruffle feathers later on in the season.

Overall a great start to season 2.



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