House Husbands–Season 2, Episode 2

I personally felt this episode was a little weak.

I felt the dynamic between Gemma and her father was cliched and fell flat, almost forced. That being said I felt for Gemma once she was done, as she put it, doing her father’s dirty work. It was nice to see Gemma’s mother bounce back a little, especially since she clearly dodged a bullet, even if it took 40 years.

Similarly to Abi & Kane’s father’s visit in season one, Tom clearly wasn’t cheating on Kane as it was too much of an obvious guess. I personally loved the twist of Stella’s biological father showing up, I didn’t see it coming. I also loved seeing Abi and Lewis defend Kane, especially since they are usually the two people who love making fun of him the most.

Mark’s marketing skills and Lewis’ construction skills on display added another level to the characters, they were more than stay-at-home dads in this episode and it was refreshing to see. Justin promoting underwear to me felt over-the-top and flat at the same time, I don’t think it was really necessary.

Lucy and Mr Tuck becoming flatmates is obviously an attempt to build up the story arc of them getting together. I felt the Tooth Fairy moments weren’t necessary, nevertheless it was humorous enough.

Overall a weak episode but not terrible, I think it was written to lay the groundwork for plots down the road.


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