House Husbands–Season 2, Episode 4

This episode explored the issue of male-female friendship.

The male-female friendship debate was well played out with tension and good points during the tense dinner scene. I believe the tension between Ryan, Phoebe, Justin & Lucy was well-played out, as well as the tension between Damo, Lewis and Gemma, as well as Lewis and everyone due to his intoxication. The conclusion was inevitable but nevertheless well done. I didn’t feel much sympathy for Phoebe as the fallout was a result of her own actions and immaturity, however I did feel for her when Ryan turned her down, although you can’t blame him all that much as they are both kids.

Abi and Mark trying to relax to conceive and subsequently discovering they were expecting and then lost the baby was done with subtlety and grace. The way Mark read Abi and discovered the miscarriage showed rather than told why they are together and how good they are as a couple.

I personally loved the development of Mr Tuck as a character, through the revelation of his former lifestyle and his conduct during the parent-teacher race at the school carnival. Due to his purpose as a love interest for Lucy, he is much more of a rounded character than Miss Nadir, as her purpose was mainly to cause a bit of minor drama.

I loved the conclusion of the male-female friendship debate with Lewis stepping in for Abi during the parent-teacher race, after he was made aware of her miscarriage. It was nice to see a rare interaction between the two of them, not to mention it was nice, tender and subtle.

Overall a decent and interesting episode.

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