House Husbands–Season 2, Episode 5

This episode was a strong one, but its strength was subtle.

I personally found the P&C story very amusing, it was over-the-top but that was obviously a deliberate choice. I found having Lewis become the P&C President literally in his sleep the best part of all and an unexpected way to end the story–how much would it annoy Dimity to have him of all people as President? 😛

Justin and Nicola were very cute together on their “first date” after having their divorce papers arrive in the mail. Although they have been very happy together during this season, it was nice to see their maturity in comparing the cost of the menu prices at the fancy restaurant to the renovations of their home, as well as reflecting on their history.

The MVP of the episode was Jack/Finn (Ben Crundwell). First introduced as Jack, later revealed to be Finn, he is introduced as a foster child that is placed into Kane and Tom’s care. His eccentricities turning out to be necessary traits, in order to care of his grandfather were done with enough humour and subtlety, although it wasn’t completely surprising. The scene between him and his grandfather (Terence Donovan) was incredible, the fact that a veteran actor and a child actor can generate that relationship, realism and tension in one scene is remarkable and clearly shows the talent in young Ben Crundwell.

Meanwhile, Lucy and Mr Tuck finally sleeping together was a long time coming, that being said it was done well.

Overall a decent episode with all of the stories balancing each other out quite well.

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