House Husbands–Season 2, Episode 11

I’m glad to see the writing of the previous episode didn’t affect the writing of this one.

I liked the exploration of the effect of high school bullying well into adulthood in Kane and Derek. It’s shitty that Derek became a success, however if he didn’t, there would be no story. It was a great choice of the writers to explore the interaction between the bully and victim as adults. I loved how Derek got his just desserts when Lewis stood up for Phoebe after he bullied her out of breastfeeding.

The Dimity & Justin subplot of trying to introduce their kids to each other to make their affair easier on themselves, was well done. I’m surprised it took a season-and-a-half to explore the fact that kids are more aware than adults give them credit for. The interaction between Justin and Kayla was very sweet and Justin handled Kayla’s first period very well (why Dimity thought it was good parenting to bring her child, who she suspected had gastro to another family’s home unannounced is beyond me). I personally loved the scene of Justin showing Zac, Jacob and Angie, the family photo album, comforting his kids and helping them with their grief is what he should be doing, not wallowing in his own.

Mark’s dance routine, starwipes and all were hilarious, it was nice to see him and Abi settling into their relationship since switching back roles. Since all was right in the Albert-Oliver world, of course Abi was going to find out she was pregnant.

I personally felt Finn was being very sweet with Phoebe, it’s nice to see his character opening up. He, as well as Justin’s kids and Dimity’s kids were definitely this episode’s MVPs.

Overall a solid episode, a good redemption from the previous one.

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