House Husbands–Season 2, Episode 12

This episode was filled with tension and in a good way.

It was only a matter of time before Dimity’s husband, Simon, found out about her affair with Justin. Of course it would only happen when it was over, it’s better writing. The tension between Simon and the main men was played out very well and of course it was going to be the kids that spilt the beans.

Justin’s inability to cope was written very well, it started relatively small with forgetting exams and escalating to falling sleep and waking up to the boys playing with power tools. I felt his phone call with his mother-in-law was flat, however I would have liked to seen them interact more, it’s interesting that he seems to have a friendly relationship with them, considering he and Nicola were on-and-off, however it may have improved as he matured.

The book club and parent-teacher meeting subplots were amusing. I loved Mr Tuck and Lucy trying to decide shirts to wear to their respective interviews, I always love subtle but hilarious jokes in TV shows.

I loved seeing Mr Tuck drunk, especially when he inadvertently reveals to the group that Tilda is gifted, which upsets Abi, as her child isn’t superior to everyone else. Gemma handled her reaction and look with grace and I’m so glad she called her out on it, if a friend did that to me, I would have ripped them a new one.

The ending was absolutely explosive with Lucy stealing Simon’s car. If this doesn’t prove that she clearly loves Justin more than her fiance I don’t know what does (not that I’m condoning the behaviour).

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