Here Come the Habibs–Season 1, Episode 2–Members Only

This episode was all about discoveries, specifically the extended Habib family as well as Toufic, Elias and Layla discovering that Fou Fou won the lottery and Mariam discovering the local yacht club.

It was obvious that the extended Habib family would find out about Fou Fou’s lottery win and it was a good choice by the writers to have the O’Neill family be both directly and indirectly involved with the discovery. Directly with Olivia going to the press and indirectly with Madison telling Jahesh and Toufic, not realising that they didn’t know. The discovery was going to be obvious as it was inevitable, the real question was how would Fou Fou get the family off his back without having to give in. Of course Fou Fou was going to ask for Jack’s help, especially since Jack was in fear that Fou Fou would find out that Olivia made the news public.

The interaction between Fou Fou and Jack was a lot more friendly and less awkward, which I enjoyed. Despite the rocky start, I can see a solid friendship between them down the line. I thought that the idea to have Fou Fou buy his extended family life-long yacht club memberships was brilliant, especially since it tied in with the Mariam subplot.

I felt that the Mariam subplot was a little over-the-top and frustrating, even for this show. However the fact that the caricature snobby character, Commodore, takes a shine to Mariam and that Olivia’s neighbour, Anthea, nominates her for membership, shows that Olivia’s dominance in her Anglo and snobby community is breaking down. It will be interesting to see how far the breakdown will go.

The interaction between Toufic, Jahesh, Elias and the police was very amusing. I did enjoy the joke of Jahesh and Toufic wearing balaclavas and getting caught by the police as the money suitcase opens, it was a moment of rare, well-planned comic timing. I personally thought it was sweet that Jahesh thought that Madison was a badarse for not paying her parking tickets, emphasising the point that the police were racial profiling just a little bit. I also enjoyed the interaction between Jahesh, Toufic and the male police officer.

I felt that the final “boat people joke” at the end of the episode was in bad taste, it’s one thing to build the writing on stereotypes, it’s another to make light of refugees.

Overall this episode shows improvement and I hope they do flesh out the characters even more rather than focus purely on race and snobbery.


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