House Husbands–Season 2, Episode 7

This episode was all about everyone dealing with the grief of losing Nicola.

Nicola’s funeral was understated which I thought was a good choice, right up until Justin condemned it. I think his reaction was unrealistic but that could be easily written off as grief.

I personally felt the way that her death was explained to all of the kids was really well done, I can’t imagine how hard it would be for parents to have that inevitable and painful conversation with their children.

I felt the confrontation between Justin and the driver, Tamara, was also really well done, the tension was built up but not overdone. The tackle between Justin and Tamara’s colleague was the right amount of humour needed to diffuse the seriousness of the confrontation. I also liked Mark and Tamara’s interaction, it was kind of Mark to offer his help.

Again Mark has another confrontation which isn’t satisfying. Mark calling out Dave on his bad behaviour is undermined when he has to go back to work as Abi has quit.

I loved the school disco, a fun event full of nostalgia and the kids looked like they were having fun. I really felt for Finn when Kayla rejected him, but he’s better off without her if she’s like that. I also loved the love letter subplot, it was the right amount of humour needed for this heavy episode. Mr Tuck’s presence when Nicola’s ashes are sent off as well as the fact that he gave Justin’s kids lunch when Justin would forget to make them, shows that he is slowly becoming part of the gang.

Overall it was a strong episode which balanced out the obvious grief (Justin’s confrontation with Tamara) and the subtle grief (Zac worrying Nicola’s death was his fault for not eating his sandwich crusts, which broke my heart a little) extremely well. The ending of Justin getting back into a routine was the perfect ending to this episode.

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