House Husbands–Season 2, Episode 8

Just passed the halfway point and this episode is the first in the second season to start in media res. I’m happy about this because I felt they were too dependent on it as a writing technique throughout the first season. The episode started with Gemma waking up in bed with Damo and then going back three days earlier.

Having the episode revolve around Gemma was a good choice and made the in media res writing technique work better, in contrast to previous in media res episodes where they would focus on a school event or multiple plots. I felt that Gemma’s inability to cope or to try to cope with her guilt over Nicola’s death was done remarkably well and was realistic.

I personally felt the interaction between Gemma and Damo fell flat and there was no real resolution. This is the last episode for the season that we see Damo in.

I did like Lucy and Mr Tuck’s interaction when he had food poisoning and I felt Mr Tuck saying I love you to Lucy on a roll of toilet paper was sweet and funny. However the look of shock when she realised that he was saying it was in stark contrast to her smile when Justin thanked her for her help in restoring power to his home, hints at trouble to come.

I think the episode’s MVP was Abi, especially as she was the first to see that Gemma wasn’t coping and tried to look after her. I also liked when Mark brought her back to reality of what being a stay-at-home parent really entails, I think she’s going to have a rough time.

Overall a good and understated episode, especially with the great choice by the writers to focus on a witness’ grief as opposed to the last episode which focused on Justin’s grief.



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