House Husbands–Season 3, Episode 1

I thought the season 2 premiere was completely different, this one has done a complete 180.

This season is set a year after the events of season’s 2 finale and many changes have taken place. Justin and Lewis have a handyman business together, Mark is launching his own marketing company, Mark and Abi have a six-month old baby girl, the kids are in year 2 and Justin & Lucy are moving in together (in a house completely different to the one the main men did up–a bit of waste of plot I think).

The refreshing change of a time jump is undermined by the overused in media res writing technique. The premiere kicks off with the main men being chased away from a mysterious house by a group of other men with cricket bats. Another mystery man (Lincoln Lewis) ends up in the car with the main men with Kane asking who is, both the man and Lewis exchange looks, clearly known to each other. We then go back three days earlier.

The changes listed above weren’t the only ones, not only has the time setting changed but House Husbands as a show has changed completely. This premiere marks its transition from drama to soap opera and I don’t like it. This has been illustrated through the introduction of Ned (Lincoln Lewis) who is Lewis’ first child, who he and his first wife adopted out. I didn’t like this plot as it was out of character for Lewis and came out of nowhere.

The naming ceremony subplot was also unrealistic. I find it sad and pathetic that Mark is such a doormat and so afraid of Abi, that he didn’t have the decency or balls to tell her that he doesn’t like his own daughter’s name.

I enjoyed the main men buying a pub subplot, unrealistic as it is, it does have potential. Justin points out its potential by the way the pub can serve as a career advantage for all four of them.

Overall this season premiere was completely out of left field and I don’t like where the season appears to be heading, especially now it has crossed the line from drama to soap opera.

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