House Husbands–Season 3, Episode 2

This episode starts in media res yet again, although seeing Lewis in a giraffe onesie at the beach is interesting way to start. We then go back 24 hours earlier.

This episode revolved around three things–the student council elections, Ned meeting the family and the discovery of Tom leaving Kane.

The revelation of Tom leaving Kane wasn’t that much of a surprise, on-screen the story was that Tom was training overseas, off-screen Tim Campbell was fired at the last minute—at least according to Tim Campbell’s social media pages and The Daily Telegraph. Kane handled not only conveying the news but the aftermath, extremely well, especially in regards to having to tell Stella. It will be interesting to see where suddenly single Kane will go.

Ned meeting the family was realistically awkward but handled well. The revelation of Ned not owing any money and playing Lewis, which is what Justin & Lucy suspected, was obvious and paid off well, clearly it won’t be the last that we will see of him.

The student council election were the right amount of humour needed and the speeches were adorable, typical kids. I liked the choice to have Stella win the election, since she’s always had trouble with school, it’s nice to see her have a win.

The highlight of the episode for me was Ryan wanting to paint a portrait of Lewis, for me this was both due to its humour and also as it provides character development. The best part was the painting breaking the tension between Lewis, Gemma and Lewis’ first wife, Belle (portrayed by the beautiful Rachel Griffiths, who appears at that moment.

Overall, other than the continuity error with Lewis’ first wife’s name (Lucy said in season 1 that her name was Jan), the episode was okay but not great, a bit of a hit-and-miss.

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