House Husbands–Season 3, Episode 3

This episode was one of the most interesting I came across–interesting in terms of the writers’ choices.

Zac being bullied by a parent was a good B-story. The subtlety of the discovery that it was a parent and not a classmate was well done. Zac’s behaviour during the episode was realistic and heartbreaking and displays Riley Webb’s talent. I felt the footy match between the main men and the bullying parent was a bit cheesy, however I did like seeing Justin’s talents on display and it amazed me that the writers waited three seasons to show it. However the resolution of having the boys perform ballet in the footy uniforms was unique and entertaining, not to mention I loved them all standing up for Zac.

The long-lost son story line is becoming more melodramatic with each episode and we are only three episodes in! I knew there was going to be conflict between Belle and Gemma and it’s clearly obvious this is because Belle feels inferior to Gemma. I felt that the excuse of adopting Ned purely because Lewis & Belle were young and not in a good place doesn’t fly, especially as Lucy is clearly not that much younger than Ned. I loved the writers’ choice to have Gemma’s brief moment of satisfaction of pushing Belle off the swing, ruined by the subsequent injury, which leads to having the latter stay at their home. Revenge is obviously a dish best served cold.

Overall the episode was interesting enough but not particularly strong.

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