House Husbands–Season 3, Episode 4

This episode was a bit of a hit-and-miss for me.

I did personally like the conflict between Lewis and Belle. Belle has managed to cause conflict with almost everyone else in the House Husbands world, it was inevitable that the conflict–both past and present–between her and Lewis would come out. I like the writers’ choice to “save the best for last”. Considering their past, the conflict was strong but surprisingly civil. Abi sucking up to Belle and her condescending treatment towards Phoebe makes even more unlikeable.

A highlight for me was the subplot of Kane dealing with Stella approaching puberty. Justin and Kane dealing with it together was heartwarming, especially since those two have never really interacted on their own. I loved seeing Kane’s knowledge of all the mums on display, which ultimately saved the day when the wrong pram is taken and Sophie ends up with another parent.

The episode’s MVP for me was definitely Kane, however honourable mention goes to Phoebe. She handled Abi’s condescending remarks about her nanny and mothering skills quite well, she has potential as an executive and she was the only who knew what was going on with Stella. This episode provided solid and much-needed character development in both Kane and Phoebe.

Overall a decent enough episode, but still a hit-and-miss.

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