House Husbands–Season 3, Episode 7

After the melodrama at the end of the last episode, it was nice to have this episode be so subtle when it came to the characters discovering Lewis and Belle’s tryst.

I liked the writers’ choice to have Justin to be the first to make the discovery, it was a smarter choice to have the character who has been on the receiving end of the most amount of tension, from both Lewis and Belle, find out first. Justin shows a lot of grace and his loyalty to Lewis by choosing to cover for them as long as he can. It was also a smart choice to have Abi be the next person to find out (I don’t count the main men finding out as they had to be told for dramatic effect) as it puts her between a rock and a hard place and provides her with the opportunity to stand up for her friend. As usual, her selfishness won again, in fact I think this right up there as one of the most selfish things she has ever done. With the amount of tension in the episode due to everyone knowing about it, it was obvious that Gemma was going to find out at the end of the episode, rather than having it dragged out. If looks could kill, Belle would have been taken down at the ironic Respect Day celebrations.

I enjoyed the continuation of the Poppy story from the previous episode. I felt that Mark and Abi were being those annoying parents who expect the teacher to raise their child and that their child is above punishment, I can’t stand those parents. I expected it from Abi but I was surprised to see it in Mark. Abi’s choice and execution in telling Looby that she was pulling Poppy out of the school was cheesy and could have been done better. I loved Looby exploiting Kane by getting her to go out with her nephew, Alex, the school librarian. McMullen plays the sweet librarian very well and doesn’t seem to be as crazy as the other men, which provides a nice balance. I loved their date scene and Abi is right, they are very similar.

I felt that Belle’s choice to go back to London and therefore, Rachel Griffiths’ departure a little forced and didn’t do both the character and the actor justice. Belle didn’t face the consequences of her actions, especially from Gemma, however I guess you could say it’s realistic as not all wronged wives get to confront their husband’s mistresses or in this case, ex-wives.

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