House Husbands–Season 3, Episode 8

This episode was a tense one, but not in the melodramatic sense.

The previous episode’s tension was when Gemma would eventually be told about Lewis and Belle’s tryst. This episode’s tension was whether Gemma and Lewis’ separation would be permanent.

I did like the elderly patient subplot. However while it was done well, I didn’t care for the convenience of a lonely elderly woman needed coming into the hospital and Gemma’s life, at the same time that Lewis and Gemma separate. This wouldn’t happen in real life. I felt Gemma and Abi’s interaction was strong and kind of made Abi realise how selfish she was being, however she did redeem herself by genuinely trying to make up for it. Gemma’s reaction to Abi not telling her mirrored the Miss Nadir incident in season 2 perfect (RE being the last one to know).

I liked the reappearance of Ned. Of course he would reappear just as Belle as left. Despite his questionable morals, intentions and life choices, he is clearly not malicious and is surprisingly, a very perceptive man. This is shown by his awareness of Gemma’s breakdown and Luci’s lack of reaction to him punching Lewis. Although Ned is basically using Luci, it is nice to see the two of them bond and to see Luci’s skills as a solicitor at work. Although she was in the wrong, I think firing her was a bit harsh, however it’s nice to see her boss gone.

The scenes of Poppy at the interview at the private school weren’t really necessary. I did enjoy Kane and Alex’s interaction, especially Alex trying to use the Dewey decimal system as a romantic gesture (I recommend book lovers try this with their partners, or in this case wanna-be-partners).

Gemma deciding she wants a divorce didn’t surprise me, however the scene between her, Lewis and Tilda was realistically heartbreaking and the performances were spectacular.

Overall this episode was a little flat, but the tension was played out well.

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