House Husbands–Season 3, Episode 12

This penultimate episode was solid but not spectacular.

The Gemma and Damo subplot, especially going to the yoga retreat was okay but not great. I did enjoy the discovery of the yoga teacher being a fraud and Gemma and Damo reverting slightly, however it was a bit cheesy. I don’t remember Damo being so new-agey, I think the writers have constructed this part of his character purely to make him out like a threat by making him different to Lewis. I think Lewis gatecrashing the retreat is another element to his caveman jealousy and I didn’t enjoy it.

I did enjoy the pub subplot. I like the continuation from what Justin witnessed, however I found it weird that Justin would tell Lewis and Lewis would be the one to confront Will. It was almost-child like, you know taddling. The revelation of Will’s true colours through Ned’s investigating and confronting the girl in the pub, was incredibly well done. It was subtle, well performed and well-written with every little hint spread throughout the season finally falling into place. I was frustrated by the fact that Kane didn’t have a tape recorder to record Will’s confession as their interaction didn’t have a pay off when Will took off. First Justin with Rodney’s scam and now Kane with Will’s, how have these blokes not heard of a tape recorder?

Meanwhile the scenes with Ryan and Abi dealing with a presumably drug-filled and violent patient were spectacular. I liked how this violent, but short interaction, inspired Ryan to propose to Phoebe. The proposal was very sweet and clearly he has also thought it through. Their decision to elope wasn’t much of a surprise.

I did like the writers’ choice to have the penultimate episode end on a cliffhanger of sorts when Ned enters the Licensing Commission meeting acting as Mark. It provides the right launching pad for the finale.

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