House Husbands–Season 3, Episode 13

This finale was all about the sweet sound of wedding bells.

I quite enjoyed Ned’s heartfelt speech towards the Licensing Commission, clearly he knows the pub very well due to his hard work and is the first sign of his evolution throughout the season. Ned went from a questionable and untrustworthy larrikin to a happy, enthusiastic, professional and dedicated man. Watching the interaction between him and Justin later at the pub, I couldn’t help but feel that Ned is Justin in Season 1. I felt that making Ned the licensee was a great choice and showed his growth even more as a character.

I also equally enjoyed Phoebe & Ryan’s wedding, which is what the episode mainly revolved around. It amazed me how quickly everything was able to be put together (then again it is a TV show!). The highlight of the wedding plot for me was the main men giving Ryan a prep talk. I felt it was very sweet and had just the right amount of humour. The setting of the wedding and the bride and groom looked great, however I was disappointed that the ceremony itself was basically glazed over, especially since the whole episode revolved around it.

Luci’s return and revelation that she doesn’t want to settle down didn’t surprise me, especially seeing the way she felt in the episodes leading up to her departure to South America. I felt this was a smart choice by the writers’ as Luci is a great role model on and off screen and is also the representation of young women today.

It was obvious that Lewis and Gemma were going to reconcile. I like Gemma pointing out that Lewis’ jealousy towards Damo was pathetic, I actually think it’s the closest that the show comes to breaking the fourth wall as I’m sure some of the devoted audience feels the same way, I know I do. I like how it was ultimately his accepting the situation of the separation and his pep talk with Ryan that made the reconciliation happen. It was understated and subtle, which is the perfect ending to such a melodramatic plot.

Again Abi is being selfish by getting Mark to take Sophie to work with her when she could have easily said no to supervising the exam. She was also being selfish by guilting Kane to go on a date with Alex, to get Poppy back into the school. Like with Lewis’ caveman jealousy, I’m over Abi’s selfishness, which is why I enjoyed Looby calling her out on it. I also enjoyed Looby officiating the wedding as it again showed development in her character.

Frankie and Justin’s tryst are bound to cause problems and provide the opportunity for great plots next season. I’m looking forward to seeing where this could go.

The previous seasons had ended at the school, so it was fitting that this season would end with the school photo.

Overall this finale the best episode of the season. Overall this season was not good, mainly due to its transition from a drama to a soap opera. It came completely out of left field and was overpowering. They need to go back to the drawing board. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next season holds, hopefully they go back to the way they were in season 2.

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