Here Come the Habibs–Season 1, Episode 3–Civil War

This episode was a little flat (yes even for this show), which isn’t a bad thing.

There is clearly still a focus on the misconception of the Habibs’ as terrorists in Olivia’s eyes. I feel that this is getting a little old, especially since we are at the halfway point of the mini-series (unless it’s renewed), I think that there needs to be an evolution on this topic. Don’t drop it completely, just back off a little bit. This episode does start to do that and focuses more on character development and history, which I appreciated.

I almost felt like Mariam’s parents were caricature characters, other than a brief mention of the Lebanese Civil War and the fact that Jiddo has no respect for Fou Fou, there is nothing else to find out about them. I felt that the writers wasted the opportunity for genuine character development and history with Mariam and her family.

I did enjoy Olivia getting her just desserts for making assumptions about the Habibs. As Jack puts it “just because you saw something and did some research on the internet, that doesn’t mean that he’s a terrorist.” It was predictable that she would be arrested, however I found the police scenes cringeworthy. Both Olivia and Jack’s trespassing scenes reminded of me of a fitting moment from a fitting episode of The Simpsons, which can be found below:

Source: YouTube (via Carmelina Mete)

I did enjoy the scenes between Fou Fou and Jack in the distillery panic room. Rather than focusing mainly on stereotypes, it was about their shared frustrations with their respective in-laws, as well as the interlinking predicaments they are both in with Fou Fou’s in-laws and Olivia’s arrest.

The smaller moments such as Toufic riding the jetski in the pool as part of a photo shoot, Jiddo’s skills from the war being used to free Fou Fou & Jack and Toufic’s idea for the Cabab-Ab, were enjoyable to watch, due to the fact that these moments were brief. Sometimes the most brief, understated and comically well timed moments are the most memorable. What I didn’t enjoy was the episode starting and ending with Olivia’s sex dreams, it didn’t serve the rest of the episode and were just plain weird.

I’m looking forward to seeing the next episode and what direction the series will head towards, now that it has passed the halfway point.

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