House Husbands–Season 4, Episode 1

Well, it seems the writers are taking two steps forward to be knocked three steps back.

Another year has passed in the House Husbands world, which presents a couple of continuity problems, such as (by my count): Finn should be in high school, Angie should be five by now (especially according to her birth records indicating she was born in 2010) although four-and-three-quarters is close enough. I did like the subtle references to the time jump such as Kane now owning a business van for Kane’s Family Pies, Sophie walking down the hall looking very cute and noticeably older and Lewis & Gemma are living in a new flat.

I did like the subtle introduction of Eve (Justine Clarke) as the new canteen lady as the introduction fits in seamlessly into the House Husbands world. I felt it was perfect that she’s a rival for Kane as Justin and Lewis have already had rivals in previous season in Rodney and Damo respectively, and rivals for Mark don’t work due to his doormat disposition. Her purpose as a character also seamlessly fits into the House Husbands world as she hired as the canteen lady by Lewis and she fits into the “baby partnership” with Alex and Kane. I’m looking forward to seeing where the writers take her. I thought Eve stealing Alex’s sperm was both over-the-top and creepy.

I honestly hated the writers’ choice to bring back Rachel and Rodney. I don’t know if the writers are trying to recapture the innocence and newness of the first season or if they are just running out of ideas. I hate the interaction between Rachel and Mark and the choice to have the reveal of Rodney being Angie’s biological father made me internally scream. If last season’s premiere showed the transition of the show into a soap opera, I’d say this season’s premiere shows the transition is complete. I personally feel that this storyline, much like the Ned storyline is out of character and out of left field and too melodramatic. I don’t understand its necessity.

I found it interesting to see Indiana Evans as single mother, Tash, in the series. This is purely because I first saw her in Snobs over a decade ago when she was a kid, she’s about my age, yet it was hard to think of her as an adult. Evans portrays a sweet character who is clearly a love interest for Justin, however I felt her performance is a little flat.

This season premiere asked more questions than it answered: Where’s Lucy?, Where’s Ned?, Where’s Frankie?, What happened to Justin and Lewis’ handyman business? and what happened to Mark’s people management business?. At least some questions were answered. These answers included The Mill being sold and Ryan & Phoebe’s absence. It was a shame that the writers’ made the choice to have The Mill sold as the men found themselves in that business and as much as I loved Ryan & Phoebe, they weren’t crucial characters, so the series won’t be greatly affected by their absence, however I did enjoy Ben Schuman’s and Georgia Flood’s performances throughout the series.

Lewis’ decision to impulsively buy a house reminded me of the season two premiere where Justin did the same thing (at Lewis’ encouragement). I’m looking forward to seeing where they take the new house/Rachel living next door storyline as they are both the most aggressive characters in the series and want to see them forcibly interact.

The premiere’s MVP was Alex. He was kind to Eve and real development showed in him when he revealed he loves Stella and Finn like they are his own children and subsequently wants more.

I said in my first sentence, this premiere took two steps forward to only take three steps back and this premiere left a lot of unanswered questions. My conclusion, this season premiere is extremely sloppy, I hope the writing improves as the season progresses and I’m hoping the improvement is far away from the direction of a soap opera.



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