Here Come the Habibs–Season 1, Episode 5–Party Habibs Style

I found this episode to be very funny.

One joke that wasn’t funny was the party terrorist, seriously enough already! That being said, the joke redeemed itself a little by having Elias pointing out the offensive and troublesome nature of the joke.

I quite enjoyed the use of the party as a plot technique and felt that it was done reasonably well, especially the way that Toufic’s plan was executed. I appreciated the party being used to address the romantic tension between Elias and Madison, as well as the Mariam and Jack subplot from the previous episode. It shows subtle progress in these crucial plots.

I didn’t enjoy the Bobby character, while I have nothing against Nathan Lovejoy, I felt his character was written poorly and didn’t serve much of a purpose since he didn’t end up signing the papers. However I liked the subtlely of his death and his interaction with Toufic. I felt that Olivia’s reaction to his death was unrealistic, however it confirms that she is indeed cold.

The highlight of the episode was the interaction between Madison, Layla and Madison’s ex. I felt that Brandon McClelland’s accent could have been worked on, nevertheless his performance as the player ex was well done. I especially appreciated the ending of this subplot with Layla getting her revenge and sharing a “sisterly” bond moment with Madison.

Other, more subtle moments I enjoyed were: Toufic and Layla encouraging Elias to go after Madison (even if they were only motivating him to suit their own ulterior motives), the revelation of the Toufic’s, Elia’s and Layla’s ages and the nerd jokes between Madison and Elias.

I liked the ending of the episode with Madison and the snow globe. It was subtle, sweet and closed the episode, while presenting possibilities for next week’s season finale, brilliantly.

I would like to end this review by congratulating the cast and crew of Here Come the Habibs on the news of their renewal. No matter what you think of the show, having a local show renewed that is not “reality” is a win. I’m interested to see where they take the show next season.

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