House Husbands–Season 4, Episode 4

This episode was all about the kids.

Typical luck that when Abi decides that she has finished having children and that she’s going to be a surrogate, that she discovers that she’s pregnant. I felt, like Kane, that Abi’s pregnancy takes away from the plot of Kane, Alex and Eve’s surrogacy plans and I don’t understand why another child for them is necessary, considering it was a big story arc in season 2.

I liked the subplot of Kane having to tell Stella about the complex situation of IVF and later the disappointment of the plans being called off. I found their scenes together incredibly touching. It’s a shame that Stella has been recast as I was used to Edwina Royce, however Jade Knight has transitioned into the role beautifully and her performances have been solid. She would be the second child actor in the series to be recast, with Fletcher Grant replacing Matteo Annetta as Jacob last season, who has also transitioned beautifully.

I enjoyed the subplot between Rachel, Lewis, Atticus and Sam (Zac Mineo). Rachel is showing a bit more humanity, which is good to see, however she is clearly still obnoxious, especially with the gifted and talented program. I liked the contrast between Rachel and Atticus on the gifted end and Sam and Lewis with their struggles. The resolution of Lewis’ idea of helping the kids, Kane helping Sam with his sight words and Rachel ultimately having a change of heart was perfect. Zac Mineo’s performance was amazing and he definitely has a bright future ahead of him.

It wasn’t much of a surprise that Gemma would decide to be the surrogate. I personally found the discussion between her and Lewis sweet, especially that they can read each other so well.

Meanwhile Rodney and Angie’s scenes felt contrived, the sooner this plot ends the better.

Overall the focus on the kids, especially in this episode was realistic and well done, that being said it’s best that these episodes are used sparingly–less is more and works better.

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