House Husbands–Season 4, Episode 6

In contrast to the previous episode, this episode was solid.

The episode’s MVPs were definitely Kane and Alex. Kane for projecting his own bullying past and issues on to Finn to the point where he lost his mind and organised a fight between Finn and Mason was played brilliantly. Although I definitely don’t condone his behaviour, it was nice to see Kane have a dark side as he is usually known for being annoying, happy and a pushover. While Alex was an equal-MVP for his dedication to his job by knowing all the school kids’ names, his decision to propose, his heart-to-hearts with Abi and calling Kane out on his behaviour was brilliant. The revelation of how the whole Finn-Mason situation came to be was subtly but brilliantly revealed.

Highlights of the Kane-Alex plot would be: Alex calling Kane out on his behaviour and subsequently revealing his intention to propose, Heather (Ms Looby) getting involved both as a principal and a family member, the revelation of Heather giving Alex her father’s ring for the proposal, the heart-to-heart between Finn and the main men, and the performances between Ben Crudwell and Ben Palma.

Meanwhile Mark and Rachel’s scenes were incredibly annoying, the sooner the writers get rid of Rachel again the better. The karaoke scene was absolutely cringeworthy and Mark still shouldn’t be shocked at Rachel’s actions, like taking credit for his work, as he has worked for her before. However there was some redemption towards the end when he stood up to her.

Kane’s proposal to Alex was kind of cheesy, but mostly sweet and obviously deliberately G-rated to suit the House Husbands audience. I’m looking forward to see where they take their engagement.

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