House Husbands–Season 4, Episode 8

Well this episode was a bombshell. I’m yet to decide whether I’m being positive or negative.

I liked the Lewis and Heather subplot. With the sell of the pub and the mysterious end of his & Justin’s handyman business, Lewis does need some sort of career focus. Being a teacher’s aide suits him, despite his lack of patience sometimes and hard exterior, he is a softie at heart and good with kids, he was especially good with encouraging Stella and putting Kane in his place.

I loved Justin and the Judge’s interaction. It was sweet and realistic, however it was unrealistic for Justin to expect the Judge to favour him due to their bonding. I liked how this bond was part of the Abi and Gemma subplot.

I knew that Abi wouldn’t get the promotion and that Gemma would vote against her from the start. To me it was an obvious outcome, especially due to Abi’s behaviour. I’ve said in several reviews that Abi is selfish, but her behaviour both before and after the promotion panel meeting and taking a job without telling Mark in another town, purely because she doesn’t want to face the consequences of her action, really takes the cake.

I liked Mark finally standing up for himself to Rachel and quitting, as well as standing up to Abi, however he did ruin it for himself and  went too far by revealing he didn’t really want to propose to her. He also ruined it for himself with Rachel by taking her fake offer. The writers must really love him being a doormat if, on the rare occasions that he stands up for himself, he always has to ruin it. Why can’t Mark stand up for himself and not have to grovel or come crawling back?

As I said this episode was a bombshell and I’ve decided that this is mostly positive, however Abi’s choice and its consequences are playing out too quickly.

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