House Husbands–Season 4, Episode 9

This episode was solid.

I liked Abi going out to look for Mark, it’s about time that she started taking responsibility for her own horrible actions, like leaving her husband on the side of the road. I know Abi’s not a bad person, but I just wish that there could be at least more than one episode where she isn’t completely selfish (the one episode where that is the exception was last season where she unsuccessfully tried to save a baby with whooping cough). Of course Mark would get a lift from a dodgy farmer and Shane Conner portrays the character beautifully. I did enjoy seeing Mark angry with Abi, Abi needed to be called out and a doormat like Mark needs to be angry every now and then, in this situation it’s totally understandable. However Abi does redeem herself by offering to go home, of course Mark was going to say no as the plot needs to continue into the season finale.

I liked the disaster that was Kane’s buck’s night and how it was connected to both the Abi and Mark plot, as well as the Justin/custody plot. I wasn’t sure how I felt about Kane spiking Justin’s punch, other than the fact that it was idiotic.

The custody trial being organised for the next day is a great way to build up the tension to the finale. I also liked Rodney showing some humanity by offering a settlement and by explaining his motives to Frankie.

Meanwhile I did like Kane, Eve and Heather trying to coax Lewis into going to uni to get a teacher’s degree. As they are becoming family, it’s nice to see them working as a team.

The cliffhanger of Eve and Kane’s car accident was a good outcome and set up for the finale.

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