Love Child–Season 1, Episode 6

This episode is the start of the lies and secrets unravelling.

I think it was interesting but ultimately the right choice to have the unravelling happen two episodes out from the finale. There’s a part of me that thinks it will happen too quickly as it’s so close to the end, however if it happened before the halfway point, it would have dragged on for too long. It’s a catch-22, ultimately the writers took a leap of faith and I think they landed well.

Of course Joan and Patrick finally succumbed to their attraction and slept together. The interweaving of the love scenes with Phillip discovering Patrick’s actions was perfect.

The return of Shirley’s husband was bound to happen and of course it would happen at the worst possible time for her, it wouldn’t be dramatic if it was convenient for her. Ben Lawson’s performance as Colin was gripping and did a good job at subtlely hinting that he may be abusive. The scene between Johnny and Colin was spectacular, especially for Johnny of all people standing up to Colin, he really steps up as a papa bear, loving boyfriend and man.

The Viv and Martha subplot was nicely done, clearly Martha not finding her mother is setting up the subplot for later episodes where she will eventually find her, it is clearly not done.

The end of the episode was perfect, if looks could kill, Joan would have easily killed Patrick in five seconds.


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