Love Child–Season 2, Episode 1

The premiere of the second season of Love Child didn’t disappoint.

I loved the motif of a New Year and a new decade for a new season. A few months have obviously passed since the finale as Patty and Viv are showing, clearly not far away from giving birth. The sound of Annie’s voice was heaven and posed the question of the fate of the characters since the first season finale.

I liked the writers’ choice to subtlely reveal the fate of the characters as the first season finale left them all ambiguous. Annie is a happy single mother to Deanna, Martha is still working at the hospital, Patrick did resign but returned and Joan is a junior resident at the hospital. I especially loved the short and tense interaction between Annie and Patrick and the subtle hints that despite his horrible actions, Patrick missed Deanna (Rose).

Of course it wouldn’t be a season premiere if new characters weren’t introduced. The introduction of both Vivian’s mother and Gail is to establish story arcs for the season. Although it shocked me at the time it aired, Gail’s death wasn’t much of a surprise. She’s a nice girl, but she wasn’t a rounded enough character to serve as nothing more than a plot device. Nevertheless Tessa James’ performance was spectacular, her death scene and Joan’s efforts to resuscitate her were brilliant. Vivian’s mother has been recast since her brief appearance in the pilot, Jacqueline McKenzie’s performance was brilliant as the alcoholic domineering mother, the tense interactions between Viv and her mother played out beautifully.

I also loved the subtle moments between Joan and the other male doctors, providing a small insight into what female doctors went through during that era, as well as Annie learning a harsh lesson on being a single mother in the 70s. These subtle moments are needed to balance out the intensity of the plots.

Overall a great premiere showing a great preview of things to come.

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