Love Child–Season 2, Episode 4

This episode was solid but not as spectacular as the previous two episodes, but that’s okay.

The previous two episodes were intense, I think this episode needed to bring the intensity down a few notches. I was interested in seeing how the writers’ would play Patricia’s transition into post-birth life out. I liked their choice to have Patricia try to return to a normal life and get married straight away, only for her to decide it’s not what she wants. The build up was beautifully done and paced well, I personally loved that she chose to have the truth come out at the engagement party, she was told by Robert to keep her mouth shut, but she is clearly going to let her voice be heard. It took strength and courage and I loved that Martha was by her side the whole time, I think the insight into their friendship was well-timed and placed. I did enjoy the awkward interactions between Martha and Robert’s mother, clearly Robert’s mother was uncomfortable with Martha’s presence but she was as polite as she could be, she’s not malicious, just a product of her era.

I did enjoy the Viv subplot, I think her grief was played out well and I did enjoy the surprise of Pete inspiring her to choose a career. A highlight for me was her interaction with Matron towards the end of the episode, clearly their relationship is slowly growing and it’s nice to see Matron actually getting along with one of the girls. My theory is that Viv reminds Matron of herself when she was Viv’s age and that Matron is the way she is due to serving in war and the loss of her husband and Chris, has hardened her.

I found the pairing of Patrick and Shirley to be very odd and unexpected, however due to the loss of their partners and subsequent loneliness, it is somewhat understandable. Clearly their tryst is going to cause conflict, I’m looking forward to seeing where the conflict goes.

The revelation of Gail being Greg Mathieson’s (the man who Jim had been fighting with at the protest) daughter wasn’t that much of a twist. It was obvious she was going to be connected to him in some way, her appearance was brief so her disappearance could cause conflict and set up a major story arc. However what was a twist was the revelation that Gail and Jim were right about Greg being violent, which adds another dimension to the story arc.

Meanwhile I thought the insertion of Martha’s love for the Queen was a great development of her character and hilarious, especially towards the end of the episode where it leads to another interaction with Bowditch.

Overall, as I said at the beginning, the episode is not spectacular and certainly isn’t any lighter than the previous episode, however like the majority of Love Child‘s episodes, it was as solid as ever.


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