Love Child–Season 2, Episode 6

Once again we are provided with a distinct time setting for the episode–ANZAC Day. Therefore four months have passed since the events of the first episode.

Similar to the previous episode, this one is progressing the season but still feels like a filler, it’s a set up for the story arcs of the final two episodes.

The highlight of this episode for me was the Patty subplot. I liked the writers’ choice to focus on her character development since the stillbirth. She has really grown as a character and I love the irony that Patty of all of the girls is the face of Women’s Lib (Shirley’s description) and found a career. One slight let down is the obvious outcome that Patty would take on babysitting as a career due to the babies constant presence in the episode.

Viv and Pete’s subplot fell a little flat for me. Their relationship fizzled out as quickly as it began and I felt that Pete’s transfer was the writers’ idea of looking for a way out for his character too quickly. I was disappointed that he was written out, I liked him and wanted to see where his and Viv’s relationship could have gone. Clearly Viv was never going to leave, otherwise the ads around the time the episode aired would have heavily promoted her departure. I enjoyed the interweaved interaction between her and Matron more than the entire subplot.

I liked the Chris subplot. Clearly he hasn’t completely changed his ways, but maybe he will get there through his relationship with Annie. After teasing the viewers, the writers’ have finally confirmed they are together, subtly. Ultimately Annie is the best person for Chris to have hooked up with due to both their connections with the Matron, proving that karma does exist for the Matron, at least in the Love Child universe.

I did enjoy Jim and Joan’s wedding scenes and subsequent interactions with Eleanor. Eleanor has established herself as a strong recurring character, albeit a little too flat. The fact that her obligations in marrying Jim and her career immediately cause conflict was an obvious choice by the writers to further emphasise what women of that era had to deal with. The jealousy Patrick felt was obvious and I liked the writers’ choice to have the consequences of the jealousy, Gail’s death and the assessment interlink.

The best revelations were the announcement of Stanton House’s closure to a shocked and defence uniformed Matron and Viv revealing to Annie that Chris is Matron’s son. The latter was the perfect ending to the episode and lead into the final two episodes of the season.


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