Love Child–Season 2, Episode 7

This episode was the best penultimate episode of a season of any television show I have ever seen.

The chain of events that unleash after Viv tells Annie that Chris is Matron’s son is remarkable. After the revelation, Annie discovers she is pregnant again, which leads to her telling Chris the truth, which leads to the confrontation between him and Matron.

The confrontation between Chris and Matron was by far the best moment of the entire season and the episode, with Matron finally revealing the backstory behind her choice to give up Chris and Chris in turn revealing the consequences of her choice. Both Mandy McElhinney’s and Lincoln Youne’s performances were absolutely spectacular, especially Mandy’s. For the first time in the show you deeply feel for both Matron and Chris and hope that they can establish, let alone repair their relationship.

Martha also finds her own mother through Bowditch. The confrontation between Martha and her mother, now known as Carla, was like with Chris and Matron, absolutely heartbreaking, with Miranda Tapsall and Leah Purcell giving stellar performances. My heart broke at ‘Carla”s back story. Ultimately I loved that Patricia, forever soft on the outside and incredibly tough on the inside, united them in the end.

Minor highlights in the episode for me including Bowditch and Joan drinking together, it’s nice to see a focus on someone other than the four main girls for a minute, not to mention that Bowditch and Joan make a good friendly pair. I also loved the silliness of the Seance and how it (sort of) served the episode towards the end.

Meanwhile Jim’s discovery of Joan’s responsibility in Gail’s death was of course going to happen in the penultimate episode and with him being dragged into Greg’s house in the last moments of the episode, we are in for a thrilling end to the season.


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