The Wrong Girl–Season 1, Episode 1

I will disclose that I haven’t read The Wrong Girl and that I am reviewing the pilot at face value. That being said, I plan on reading it as I am a fan of the beautiful Zoe Foster-Blake.

I loved the choice to have the first thing that the viewers see being Lily (Jessica Marais) running, out of breath, with a clear purpose and experiencing slapstick to prevent a horrible email being read. The premise of the show or at least her character is summed up perfectly within those first few minutes and immediately stirs curiosity, which in turn kicked the episode off.

I felt that this first episode did its job as a pilot–established all the main characters, established the premise of the show and set up plots for future episodes. The writing was tight, although there were some moments I found to be predictable such as Sasha (Doris Younane) still being able to read the email and Lily not being fired from the incident. I did enjoy some of the slapstick moments that Marais presented, however I think these moments are best enjoyed sparingly, we know from the title of the show that she is not a perfect person and seems to put her foot in her mouth on occasion, we don’t always need to literally see it. One thing I didn’t see coming was the revelation that Meredith (Leah Vandenberg) is pregnant, however now that I think about it, of course a complication is needed as soon as the love interests contemplate a future together, such a cliche but I liked the pilot enough to still be interested in seeing where it goes.

I personally felt that the pilot’s best parts were its subtle moments such as the revelation of Vincent’s (Hugo Johnstone-Burt) disability and the shift in Jack’s (Rob Collins) feelings towards Lily during the cooking segment, as well as when the focus wasn’t entirely on Lily. The show is all about her, so it’s nice to get a break and have her developed as a character from another character, in this case Pete’s perspective.

I personally loved seeing some Australian greats ranging from Neighbours to Seachange to Paper Giants and even Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, in supporting roles.

Overall I liked the pilot and I think I will like the show as a whole, however as it’s the very first episode and I haven’t read the novel, I don’t know enough about the story and its characters to make a full judgement on whether The Wrong Girl as a show will make it. I hope it does, we need more Australian sitcoms instead of the excessive “reality” shows.

I’m looking forward to reviewing the remaining seven episodes.

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