The Wrong Girl–Season 1, Episode 2

Now that the pilot has done its job, the series can continue with plot and character development. This episode did a great job with the latter.

Again the episode starts in media res, I really hope that they stop using this technique to revolve the writing around, it’s cliche and gets tired quickly in short seasons, I felt the same way about House Husbands‘ excessive use of it, but I digress. The use of in media res in this episode was outside the box with Lily finding herself trapped in a vent in a door, which I liked. It was a good use of humour and a great way to intrigue the viewer, I also appreciated the choice in post production to speed up the footage when the in media res served its purpose and the episode ‘caught up with itself’.

The character development of all the characters: Lily, Pete, Simone and the cast of the breakfast show were all well done. With an hour long episode and many characters to develop, each character could only be focused on for a certain time and I think the episode pulled it off well. We get more of an insight into what Lily and Pete face in their own lives, the kind of men Simone attracts (making it more obvious that her and Jack won’t work), and how the employees at the breakfast show really feel about each other. I especially love the development of Eric (Craig McLachlan), his scenes were equal amounts humorous and cringeworthy, however it was nice to see a character outside of the main three being fleshed out. The reason why Eric was chosen to be fleshed out remains to be seen/explained and I hope it pays off in later episodes.

In other areas, the jokes were better with a great focus on one-liners, such as Hamilton’s (Hamish Blake) one-liner of keeping any pets he has away from Eric, and Pete’s almost-insult towards Lily when she was stuck in the vent. One interesting note was the choice by either the writers, the director and/or those working in post production to not include the word ‘abortion’ when it was clearly being talked about. I’m not going to pretend that I know anything about censorship rules or any rules regarding certain topics that can be discussed during prime time, however in this day and age, surely the word ‘abortion’ can be used considering the topics of casual sex and contraception can be easily talked about with no reaction.

On another note, as much as I’m a fan of Hamish Blake and he is a competent media personality, I can’t help but question whether he was truly hired for his acting abilities or whether his hiring was purely nepotism, especially since Hamilton is a rarely seen character.

Overall this episode was an improvement from the pilot and I’m looking forward to watching and reviewing the remaining episodes.


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