Doctor Doctor–Season 1, Episode 3 (San Francisco)

So far, I can sum up each episode in one word. Pilot–flat, episode two–spectacular, episode 3–humorous.

This episode wasn’t as spectacular as last week’s, however it was definitely better than the pilot. I felt that this episode was more outside the box and that the characters were allowed to be human and show their humorous and light hearted qualities.

I felt that the subplot of the artificial heart in the pig was bizarre but provided the opportunity for Hugh, Ajax and the hospital staff to display their humanity and skills. I have a feeling that Ken being shut down will have repercussions later, but they didn’t show themselves in this episode. I was surprised that the operation was successful, however what I wasn’t surprised by was the pig getting lost, obviously with the success an obstacle was needed to develop further interest for the viewer. I was happy that the pig was eventually found and that it fed into the family subplot. My favourite element of the entire subplot was Trevor. His combination of eccentricities, when these eccentricities would present themselves, and his skills as a doctor, added an interesting and humorous element to the subplot. I hope it’s not the last we see of Trevor, however I have the feeling he was only in the episode for this purpose.

I liked the focus on Hugh’s family as it was more interesting in this episode than the pilot. Meryl wins the council election which puts her at odds with her predecessor, Jim clearly is in denial of a serious health problem and chooses to deal with it in a strange manner, Charlie and Matt are trying to have a baby, and Ajax’s hunting skills are displayed. Out of all of them, I feel Ajax is the most interesting. He comes across as someone who you think will grow up to become a psycho, however his hunting skills are clearly formidable, to the point where the whole town has faith in him finding the pig. Meanwhile, Meryl’s corruption and Jim’s health problems are going to become centre stage at some point but now is not the best time. I feel Charlie and Matt’s desire to have a baby is a bit cliche.

I love Hugh and Penny’s developing rapport more and more with each episode. This episode perfectly balanced the revelations of Penny’s responsibilities and Hugh’s flaws, as well as showed how much of a good team they could be if they didn’t hate each other. I liked the payoff of Penny’s seemingly ridiculous choice to use the MRI funds to buy basic medical supplies, Penny’s ability to simultaneously reveal the FIFO’s medical issues and Hugh’s shortcomings, and the both of them bonding over the pig-artificial-heart transplant operation.

On another note, this is the first episode where Joey didn’t make an appearance as he was sent off to Sydney. I hope the writers have remembered to bring him back.

Overall I liked that this episode made more of an effort to be humorous throughout, however it wasn’t as strong as last week’s episode, hopefully the next episode will be a step up.


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