Doctor Doctor–Season 1, Episode 5 (We Don’t Need)

To me this episode was emotional, not for me, but for the characters.

We get off to a fast-paced, dramatic start, going back and forth between the two major plots–Hugh’s IED-trapped patient, Jai, and Charlie’s ectopic pregnancy.

The sequence with Hugh trying to rescue and treat his patient in the middle of a minefield was equal parts frustrating and intense. With the great directing, it was easy to see and empathise with Hugh’s frustration, as well as be kept on the edge of your seat as Hugh was walking through the field. The outcome was predictable as the writers are clearly not going to kill a protagonist, however the writers made up for it by the ingenius lead up to reaching the predictable outcome. I’m glad that the story didn’t end there, with the consequences being explored with Ajax later on, especially discovering the real reason behind his tantrum after Jai’s fate was revealed.

Charlie’s ectopic pregnancy was spoiled for me due to the trailers, however in this episode itself, it was a nice balance for the reveal to be slowly built up to, rather than fast and intense like the IED scene. Once her ectopic pregnancy was revealed, it became fast and intense and was over just as quickly as it began. I’m not sure whether this was a good thing or not, it didn’t drag on but it wasn’t explored thoroughly as the outcome was predictable. Just like with Hugh in the minefield, Charlie is clearly not going to die from the ectopic pregnancy as she is too big of a character to kill off this early. Instead the writers chose to explore Hugh and Charlie’s sexual tension in a really stupid way. I feel that this is getting old, either have Charlie love Matt or love Hugh, the writers questionable need to have her go back and forth needs to be dealt with and I hope the writers eventually made up their mind. Charlie decided that her feelings were gone, but Hugh’s feelings definitely haven’t disappeared.

On other notes, the exploration of Penny and Floyd was perfectly done due to circumstances in which it took place. I felt the only real way for Penny’s and Floyd’s grief to be explored was through a major event revolving around the death, and the anniversary was perfect for it. I also enjoyed the scenes involving Joey and Tugger, I thought it was sweet that Hugh tried to set him up with her (even if it was just to get him laid) and that it was even sweeter that they turned out to be a perfect match. I also enjoyed Hugh’s interactions with Ajax and Floyd as his potential fathering skills were on display, as well as his words at Callie’s grave, whether his parents knew about Ajax being his son is yet to be revealed.

Overall this episode had great emotional content and in terms of dramatic stakes and strength, it is at the same level as last week’s episode, hopefully the steady improvement continues.


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