Hyde & Seek–Episode 2

This episode wasn’t as action packed as last week’s, in fact I’d describe as being more about brains than brawn.

This episode picks up where the last episode left off, with Hyde and Claire taking Jamil into the police station for questioning. I liked the contrast between Hyde’s and Claire’s methods of interrogation, with the latter actually getting answers with her calm approach. In the meantime, Jackie and the AFP discover that one of their marksmen was killed, by who is revealed to be the unknown fourth terrorist, in the same way as Erik Hansen.

Hyde and Claire are eventually led to a New Zealand Internal Affairs officer, Jenna, who issued two passports for Erik and Linda Hansen in different names. This takes them to Hong Kong as Jenna now lives there with her children. I liked the writers choice to move the story to a different location to advance the plot, especially as the landscape of Sydney was used as a transitional device in last week’s episode. Claire’s skills were highlighted well in these scenes, with her idea to catch Jenna off guard to get answers from her and her steely looks showing that she means business. Claire is clearly a badarse in her own way and I like the writers choice to highlight this in contrast to Hyde constantly having the control.

The outcome of Jenna being murdered was obvious, another complication is needed to carry the plot forward, however another piece of the jigsaw is added when numbers leading to her list are found. I also liked the subtle way that the writers showed Claire’s guilt over Jenna’s death by having her pick up Jenna’s kids. When Claire returns to New Zealand she questions her boss’ motives in the same way that Hyde questioned her, which is showing the affects he is having on her.

Like with last week’s episode, Hyde’s personal life is subtly interweaved throughout the episode, this week it was all about Nick’s funeral. It was the best choice to have the funeral scenes be brief and concise, it showed Hyde’s sadness over losing his friend and his motivation to pursue the homicide/terrorism investigation.

After the AFP has been interrogating Jamil all night only stopping short of using a well-known torture method, which again highlights the contrasts between them and Hyde, Linda gives a description of the unknown fourth terrorist, Malik. Vanessa Moltzen’s facial expressions perfectly shows that Linda is hiding or possibly up to something, especially with some of the evidence pointing to her and nearly being killed.

At the end of the episode, the AFP extended an olive branch of sorts to Hyde, by offering him the chance to be a part of their Special Immigration Task Force to take their next step in the investigation–finding Malik. I feel that Hyde’s relationship with the AFP is improving, although it mainly feels like a bit of a tug of war, with them working well together one minute and being against each other the next. This was an interesting choice by the writers and I’m looking forward to seeing the relationship developed further.

I like the endings of the episodes so far, last week’s ended on a cliffhanger and this episode ended with another jigsaw puzzle piece being revealed with Malik’s sketch shown. I like this choice by the writers as it enables one episode to seamlessly transition to the next.

Overall this episode wasn’t as thrilling as last week’s, however it was necessary as it provides balance to the series as a whole. Episodes focusing on the background of the plot rather than the foreground action, adds layers to the story.



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