The Secret Daughter–Season 1, Episode 2 (Stuck in the Middle with You)

This episode was a little flat for me. The pilot established the characters and circumstances, as it should, however the second episode is supposed to set things into motion, it did this, however it didn’t seem to contain any enthusiasm in its execution.

The beginning of the episode emphasised how much of an outsider Billie is in the family, as she overhears the awkward and intense conversation about her by the rest of the family, as opposed to being a part of it. However this is contrasted well with the moments where Billie bonds with them. I liked the choice by the writers to contrast Billie’s character with the Nortons’ when she sanitises what Jack said about Susan and Chris and was truthful to Harriet. I also liked her scenes with Harriet as it showed their bond developing, as well as highlighted the clear problems within the family with Harriet’s shoplifting.

The moments where Billie bonds with Jamie and Harriet are contrasted well with her straining relationship with Gus. How he managed to get out of the boot on his own is beyond me, but I thoroughly enjoyed his scenes with Connie and, while I definitely don’t condone stealing, the way in which he takes advantage of his situation (especially with the facial mask) is hilarious. However while those mostly odd scenes made me laugh, they were balanced well with the brief moments of Gus’ sincerity and seriousness, such as when he admits to Billie that he doesn’t mean to cause trouble and when Billie stands up to him.

I didn’t feel that the Walperinga and gang moments were necessary as they did very little to progress the story in this episode.

The ending of the episode threw me through a loop as Billie admits to Jamie she’s not his sister and yet her DNA was revealed to be a match to Jack. I thought that Gus might have followed through with his idea to submit Harriet’s hair for the DNA test, however this is yet to be confirmed. I liked this choice by the writers as it provides the opening for the next episode.

Overall the episode was flat but entertaining.

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