The Secret Daughter–Season 1, Episode 3 (Where Do I Belong?)

Jamie describes the whole family situation to Billie as “a bit of a rollercoaster”, to me that quote sums up the whole episode.

This episode kicks off on an emotional note with Billie breaking down over the shock of being told that her DNA matched Jack’s and that she is a Norton. The question that Billie keeps asking herself is also presented to the viewer–how is this possible?. I liked this choice by the writers as it keeps the viewers on their toes.

I loved the interaction between Gus and Billie when she is trying to get him to admit the circumstances behind her conception, to prove that she isn’t a Norton. It contained the right amount of emotions and tension, not to mention it was absolutely cringeworthy and heartbreaking. For the first time the viewer is meant to be sympathetic towards Gus and ironically this is when Billie’s sympathy towards him disappears. I liked the choice by the writers to have Gus be so broken down by this that he finally faces the music and returns to Walperinga. While he has been amusing to watch so far, Gus’ excruciating ability to get himself into trouble over and over is getting old, so having him out of the picture for a little while is a nice change.

Meanwhile the family’s true colours are starting to show a bit more with the revelation of Jack’s recent video will. Jamie was appointed executor and considering Chris’ and Susan’s attitudes towards Billie, it’s pretty obvious Jack made the right choice. Chris is a hard one to read, all he seems to care about is the business, however he has good intentions which are made clear by his willingness (albeit reluctant) to help Billie, with his feelings towards her truly shifting after he hears her sing. Harriet likes Billie and adoringly becomes addicted to her Jack-like hugs, however her intentions come into question when it is revealed that she is the one who swapped Billie’s DNA sample with her own. Susan is clearly a gold digger and there is something going on with her and the family lawyer, which I am looking forward to eventually discovering.

Meanwhile I found the interactions between the gang, Jamie, Chris and Billie hilarious, however I also knew it was too easy and they are clearly planning to cause more grief for Billie and the Nortons’ down the road.

The ending of the episode was a bit of a shock for me as it makes the show even more confusing. We’re told to believe that Billie isn’t the secret daughter one minute, with a DNA test saying she is the next, with Harriet breaking the swab and proving that Billie isn’t a Norton, the next minute after that. I know this show is meant to be a bit of a mystery but it’s too indecisive for my liking, I hope this is a writing technique to serve the story as a whole rather than just being sloppy.

Overall the episode was a rollercoaster, however it was also a turning point as a few cans of worms have been opened for future plots, which will make the show even more interesting.

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