Hyde & Seek–Episode 3

This episode for me revolved around the theme of things not appearing as they seem.

You could argue this is what the whole show is about as it is a crime/thriller, but with this episode it was more noticeable. Claire appears to be a pen pusher but turns out to be a former spy, Aaron appears to be a heartless rich criminal funding terrorism but turns out to be from a country that has a death sentence for being who he is, and Dale appears to be an accomplice to terrorism but is in fact a paedophile.

The episode gets off to a thrilling start with Gary and Kevin watching and then pursuing a suspect in their case. To have the episode start off with a suspect trying to set a car alight, then to chase him where he is obviously going to commit to suicide, this puts the questions in the viewers’ minds of who is he and what is he up to. We never find out from him due to his choice to commit suicide. I didn’t know how I felt about the director’s choice of camera angles from the suspect’s perspective as he is committing suicide. I haven’t seen this before and I know the reason why–as it can be a trigger for those who have tried or have lost loved ones to suicide–however because of this reason it is a unique choice, as disturbing as it is.

The writers choices in regards to the next few jigsaw pieces are interesting. I found it interesting for the writers’ to have gold being used for funding and to have Aaron and Dale being blackmailed into being co-conspirators to terrorism. This choice shows the viewer that while terrorism is reprehensible and inexcusable, it is not always black and white, or at least the people behind it aren’t.

The brief scene between Sonya and Angela where Angela is “blaming” Muslims for Nick’s death and Sonya trying to talk some sense into her was interesting. I think it’s a representation of how split Australian society is at the moment in regards to Muslims in Australia. I also liked the subtle way in which the scene led into the complications with Angela’s pregnancy.

I also liked the writers’ choice to progress the working relationships between Claire, Hyde, the Sydney Police, and the AFP. They all seem to be friendlier and more co-operative now, which enables the story to progress seamlessly. However I also like the contrast between the progression of the AFP’s working relationship with the Sydney Police and their difficulties with ASIO.

My favourite moments of the episode were Claire’s actions towards Dale and the revelations of her background. Emma Hamilton’s facial expressions and torturous threats were convincing and it adds dimensions to Claire’s character. I also like the writers choice to have these kind of revelations alternate the spotlight between her and Hyde.

The ending of the episode was anti-climatic with the t’s and i’s crossed and dotted, however the intense but successful birth of Angela and Nick’s son was sweet. I’m looking forward to seeing how Hyde’s godson’s birth motivates him further to purse Nick’s killer/s.



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