Hyde & Seek–Episode 4

This episode to me felt like a filler.

This episode was all about getting closer to finding Malik, only to be constantly thrown red herrings. Bassam was a big red herring in his subplot as he wasn’t the biggest problem, his girlfriend was. I felt this subplot was sending mixed messages, trying to tell the viewers to be open minded one minute and suspect Muslims for terrorism the next and I didn’t like it, pick one message and stick with it. I question whether this was a comment on Australian society towards Muslims. I could see Rana playing the police a mile off as there were too little characters in this subplot for the perpetrator to be anyone else.

I liked the choice by the writers to have Sonya be directly involved in Hyde’s case. Usually with major characters in crime shows, their family lives are usually separate and make work a lot harder, but rarely intercept. When they do, it can go either way, with Sonya and Gary, it went down the road of being tension-filled and adding drama. I question the writers’ choice to create a tension between Sonya and Claire as if they are love interests towards Gary. This is a thriller/crime show, this kind of cliche story line doesn’t do the show any favours, make it stick to crime.

I liked the writers’ choice to have the subtle theme of fatherhood present throughout the episode with brief scenes of Hyde’s family and Mr Karim’s reaction to Bassam’s actions.

I felt that the character of shock jock Mikey was cliche, his choice to broadcast from his hospital bed wasn’t surprising, however we didn’t learn of his fate after his surgery and I don’t understand why the writers chose to leave him as a loose end. However I liked the broadcast as a motif to keep the episode moving forward.

I liked the choice by the writers to have Malik’s identity finally revealed, but for Malik himself yet to be found. It rewards the viewers but also keeps them on their toes, which is what any good story, TV show or otherwise, is supposed to do.


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