Hyde & Seek–Episode 5

This episode was spectacular–mentally spectacular as opposed to physically spectacular.

The episode mainly revolved around the bus hijacking. I wonder how people would have felt about the episode–the plot fits perfectly in the Hyde & Seek world, but it might have hit too close to home in the real word (i.e the Sydney Siege).

Joel Jackson’s performance was brilliant, a far cry from his Peter Allen portrayal a few years back. He perfectly balanced out the different aspects of Lachlan’s personality from the crazed would-be terrorist, to the regretful soldier. It was obvious that Claire was both going to be caught out and not killed off, however I was interested to see how it would play out for her. The performances of the actors playing the other hostages were also spectacular and realistic, especially that of the rogue hostage who gets stabbed (by the way the hostage trying to be a hero is such a cliche, I understand why it was done, but still…cliche!).

It was good to have the Asia Pacific Securities Forum going on in the background to up the dramatic stakes both for Lachlan and Malik. I didn’t see the connection between Lachlan and Malik coming, however the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I also like the writers’ choice to have Hyde ultimately confront Malik there and kill him. The location was fitting, however I felt that the confrontation itself was anti-climactic. I think this was due to the fact that the bus scenes were so intense, if the Hyde-Malik confrontation dragged out, it would be too much for the viewers to handle.

I liked that the episode started and ended with Angie’s paranoia and grief, especially as she was noticeably absent in the last episode. On another note, I liked that Deborra-Lee Furness’ character, Claudia, was finally introduced. Her appearances were too brief for my liking and I hope I see more of her.

The ending of the episode with Claire clearly pointing out that there was more to it all than Malik, was perfect as it provides the springboard for the remaining episodes….and it was exactly what I was thinking, it was all way too easy.

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