Doctor Doctor–Season 1, Episode 7 (This Is Not A Love Song)

This episode to me felt like a filler.

At the end of the previous episode, Hugh suggests to Aiofe that they become a couple, which plays out in this episode humorously and disastrously. The outcome was obvious and frankly, since there was a strong build up for them as love interests, I don’t understand why the inevitable had to be dragged out. I felt that Aiofe’s behaviour was quite out of character and I didn’t like the change from her sassy, casual self to a needy girlfriend, just to suit the story.

Interestingly there seemed to be a penis theme throughout the episode with the ice addict and the town artwork. I don’t know why the writers made this particular choice, however it did provide some laughs, good with the ice addict but great with the town artwork, especially with Hayley ultimately blowing it up. Hayley’s choice adds another dimension to her character and shows how well she fits into the Knight family.

It was interesting to discover that Matt didn’t know everything he had, his parents do, which ultimately lead to the punch up with his father. However as interesting as it was, it didn’t really serve the rest of the episode. What was also interesting was that there were no interactions between Hugh and Charlie.

There were several moments throughout the episode that I felt were underrated and under explored, such as: Matt and Jim’s punch up, Meryl and Charlie’s similar ways of comforting/reprimanding their husbands, and Penny’s fear of flying. These moments were all humorous and added layers to the characters, yet weren’t resolved. Joey also made another reappearance to be sent to an immunotherapy trial.

I loved the scenes between Penny and Hugh when they were stuck at their patient’s home. It showed how well they work as a team and further explored the possibility of them as love interests, especially when they have to sleep in the same bed and Hugh tells Penny about Ajax. The highlight for me was when Penny finds out about Hugh and Aiofe and they act like an old married couple, which ultimately leads to them saving an elderly woman from dying due to Hugh’s stupid actions. I didn’t see Debbie snorting the cocaine coming, but it was a gutsy scene.

Overall this episode was good but not great and clearly nothing more than a filler.

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