The Wrong Girl–Season 1, Episode 7

For a penultimate episode, I felt this episode was done rather well.

Again we are given more of an insight into Lily’s new job and the toll that it’s taking on her. This episode shows the realities of working long hours and how a person’s social life can suffer as a result, which I think is something we can all relate to, I can (in regards to the social life side). I love that Pete comes to her rescue and how, at first, the ramifications of this in his relationship with Meredith are subtly shown.

This episode also addressed the ramifications of relationships with colleagues. Inevitably the rumours were circulating, I was disappointed that the identity of the perpetrator wasn’t revealed or even addressed and the cliche of Nikki judging her on it. I thought Eric might have been the perpetrator considering his weird choice to try and strong arm Lily into firing Jack because of his own jealousy. This subplot to me wasn’t all that satisfying, perhaps because it hasn’t been resolved yet, but it’s mainly due to the fact that Eric gets away with his behaviour, however I did enjoy Sasha’s reappearance and plan to help her out.

I did enjoy the Pete and Meredith subplot. I felt that the baby shower really wasn’t necessary, sure it inserted/added necessary conflict to advance the overall story, however considering it never ended up happening, it feels like a bit of a waste. I love how honest Meredith is with him and she is starting to see Pete’s feelings for Lily, another hint that their relationship isn’t going to last. I also love the writers’ choice to have these moments constantly interrupted, preventing Pete and Lily from discovering whether they are meant to be, in this episode, it was Meredith going into labour.  I felt that Meredith and Lily’s interaction whilst getting her to the birth centre and Meredith asking Lily to be in the room with her, was the highlight of the episode, as it shows the kindness in both characters and it’s good to see them together without Pete for once.

It didn’t surprise me that Simone was staying with Vincent, in all honesty, I went right back to disliking her as she basically used Vincent for accommodation, turned him down romantically and called her idiotic ex-boyfriend for help. I did enjoy Vincent finally being honest about his feelings and the apology between him and Lucas.

Overall the episode was good but not great, that being said, I thought ending the episode on a bit of a cliffhanger was the perfect way to lead into the finale, which I’m looking forward to watching next week.

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