Hyde & Seek–Episode 6

I feel like this season is supposed to be split into two halves and that this episode is the start of the second half.

This episode explored the aftermath of Malik’s killing. The office celebrates their apparent victory and Hyde & Claire have been told to take time off. Claire’s further exploration on the case based on her gut instinct that someone else is behind it all, leads to her and Hyde travelling to Jakarta. Their interactions with Parisa and Azim subtly showed Hyde’s guilt for shooting a terrorist who was trying to make a better life for his family, which was an interesting paradox. I honestly didn’t see the revelation of Malik being a family man coming, however the road blocks that Hyde and Claire faced in getting their answers and the corruption, I did see coming.

Hyde and Claire’s discovery of corruption from the inside was an obvious outcome, however I enjoyed the fact that it would make the viewers question who the mole might be. Major Hanley seems to be the obvious choice due to him training Malik as a killer, however the obvious choice is usually the red herring. Maru could also be an obvious choice, at least for Claire, as he is always around when something is going on or rather going wrong and he was promoted to an influential job. I thought it might have been Ryan, the soldier in Malik’s unit who was sweet on Tanya, and possibly Andrew due to his knowing about Claire being in Indonesia, however at the moment, Jackie seems to be the main suspect. Clearly this will be the focus of what’s left in the season.

The tension between Gary and Sonya really didn’t add to the episode, other than to reveal that Sonya is pregnant. I’m hoping that the pregnancy will add to the show somehow, otherwise I don’t see the need for it. To further add to the tension, Hyde almost kisses Claire after getting drunk with her, which I personally didn’t like as it’s a cliche. This is a crime show, they should stick to the crime. However it was nice to see Hyde and Claire display their humorous side, even if they were drunk at the time.

While I did enjoy seeing Deborra-Lee Furness again, she is clearly being underused which is quite disappointing considering how much of a brilliant actress she is. Hopefully her character is more influential in the remaining episodes.

Considering the action and drama of the previous episode, I felt that this episode was very bland, hopefully there will be improvement in the remaining episodes.


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